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The Norman Music Festival

The Norman Music Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that presents the Norman Music Festival every April in Norman, Oklahoma.
This free, 3-day, 300 band, 80,000 person event takes place in our community's beautiful downtown core and is supported by a large number of awesome businesses and individuals.

Become a VIP NMF Sustaining Base member

Your NMF Sustaining Base Membership will give you:

1) VIP Access to the front of the NMF Main Stage
2) VIP pass into the band hospitality area to share food and drink with our performers
3) A cool commemorative t-shirt available ONLY to the Sustaining Base
4) An invitation or two to special events throughout the year
5) Your very own snazzy NMF8 Sustaining Base Lanyard Pass
6) A HUGE warm fuzzy feeling for helping keep NMF healthy and free!

:: Membership is just $75! ($100 after March 1st) ::
Your NMF Sustaining Base Membership runs on an annual cycle, with renewal following each year's festival.
We are currently soliciting members for the 2016 NMF9 festival cycle. (April 21-23, 2016)
Renewal is NOT automatic, and will only occur with your annual permission. :)

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The Norman Music Festival:
- Brings over 300 bands to town
- Draws more than 80,000 spectators
- Impacts well over 1000 musicians, artists, and other performers
- Brings approximately $5,000,000 new dollars to Norman
- Has something for everyone
- Is 100% volunteer run
- Is a whole lot of fun!
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